Coming soon:

The web is an ocean of knowledge
And this will be the digital notebook that helps you consume content with intent, document your thoughts and reflect & act on your learning

An opinionated workflow for digital learning.

  1. Read. Watch. Listen.
  2. Take notes.
  3. Ask & answer questions.
  4. Write.

Distraction-free learning: Read articles, watch videos and listen to audio right within the reader.

Frictionless writing: A performant editor. Simple formatting and beautiful typography.

Active Reflection: Questions that spark your thinking, generated by the community and GPT-3.

Private: You are in control. If you don't want them to, your notes never leave your device.

Spaced repetition : Put questions on a recall-schedule to prevent the forgetting curve.

Resurface your ideas : We'll send old notes that you haven't looked at in a long time. Think Google Photos for your notes.

On the Roadmap...

Workbook Publisher

  • Create, publish and sell digital workbooks. Workbooks will be the better, interactive alternative to today's online courses.
  • Grow your audience with a global community of learners.

Group Study

  • Learn with a group of friends.
  • Share questions & answers.
  • Facilitate remote study groups.
Jalil and his son

Hello friend!

My name is jalil, builder of the

I love the web. Almost everything I've learned, I have learned online. It's full of opportunities for growth and education. We only have to take them.

Let's face it. We've become mindless in the way we use the internet. We consume too much and reflect too little.
Too much intake, too little action.

Action is born in thought. And the most powerful tool to shape our thinking is not reading but writing. It is the foundation of learning.
It is the conversation we have with ourselves that defines who we are – and who we will be.

So why do we write so little?

How about we change things up a bit?

Consume less.
Less, but more intentional. Less, but more conscious.

Take more notes.
There are a thousand ideas hidden in every article we read, every video we watch. Why let them pass by?

Reflect and consolidate.
Document questions and answers. Assemble notes into long form writing.

We live in the information age. It's a positive sum game. Let's share our thoughts with the world.

We pass by thousands of opportunities for insight by not consolidating our information intake. Of course that is one's own responsibility. But: Our current tools don't promote active reflection.

This is why I'm building the To give those who want to learn on the web a tool to do so in the most distraction-free and focused environment possible.

I'd love for you to join me on this journey.